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B&M Bar-B-Que Meats


Here is the meat you’ve been craving, slow cooked to succulent perfection. Tender ribs, chicken that's fried to a golden crisp or flame grilled...juicy steaks and your favorite seafood. It’s what makes B&M Best in Town!



Greg's Specialties

Get ready to experience soul food at its most memorable. Fried okra, chitterlings and oxtails & rice,our family's Southern specialties will instantly transport you to a sunnier place.


Greg's Signature Sides


Discover heart-warming sides like you won’t find anywhere else, all made from scratch with wholesome ingredients. You can taste the care that goes into each family recipe, from collard greens to black eyed peas to mac & cheese.


B&M Desserts


It doesn’t get sweeter than a rich bite of warm peach cobbler, luscious cheesecake or fluffy red velvet cake. Our housemade desserts are not to be missed—take home a whole cake or pie, too!